Becoming A Video Game Expert

You have the skills, so why not?

If you find yourself playing video games day in and day out, you might be a great candidate to establish yourself as a gaming expert. All you need is a good knowledge of a wide range of games and game systems and of course a lot of patience. The rewards are phenomenal and you will eventually be a better person for it.

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So what is an expert anyway? What is it that qualifies someone to be an expert on anything? As there are no colleges that offer degrees in this genre, we can qualify any player as an expert who has the qualities described above. So if you have the knowledge or ability to skillfully play a game and enjoy solving problems, you could probably claim the rights to expert status.

Just make sure you ensure your growth in the gaming industry. Part of being an expert is admitting that there is always more to learn and in the gaming industry, this should never be a hard thing to accomplish. By exposing yourself to new games and new game systems, you can turn any opportunity to play with one into an opportunity to learn more of what you already know. In doing so, you will learn tons of new strategies and broaden your resourcefulness as a point of help for others.

You may also make more effort to collaborate with other people involved in video games. Get out of the game and go out in public so you can network and discuss your findings with others. Networking offers you the wonderful opportunities to share or exchange secrets, teach others and learn something new at the same time. And the relationships you create as a result are simply priceless. There is probably no other way to gain access to little-known game secrets than by networking with the best players out there.

If you are fully dedicated to becoming a game expert, consider taking some game programming courses. Look for an apprenticeship and find training programs offered both in your area and in the gaming industry as a whole. This is an excellent way to learn everything anyone would want to know about gaming, and it’s a good entry into the gaming industry if you’re not too crazy to commit to a full-time gaming career.

You could also subscribe to gaming magazines, participate in online discussion forums, or join book clubs that focus on game material.

Keep in mind that your status as a game expert may not always be appreciated. Strong criticism, right or wrong, is accompanied by the glory of being perceived as the “answer to everything”. For example, you may be turned down for an opportunity that you think you’re perfect for, or you may experience the vomit of a less-than-experienced harasser. The first rule of thumb is not to take rejection or throw up personally. People may be jealous of your position or they may want to test you just to see how much you really do (or don’t know). The reasons behind these reactions to your care don’t really matter as long as you are confident in the quality and value behind your help. A true expert looks beyond these things and is constantly looking for ways to improve.

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